Rich Internet Application

Written by Binod Bhagat. Posted in website design

RIA- We Offer Interactive Website Solutions & Advanced Technology!

A rich internet application (RIA) is an application that holds many characteristics of a desktop application. It is a software that makes a website more connected and more interactive. RIA offers a rich visual, audio interaction and it provides more interactive environment thereby amplifying the user's experience. RIA improves website visibility and draws more traffic to a website simply because users want to experience software like they experience a real world around us. RIA enables corporations/companies to employ the advanced systems of communications and provides a unique experience for users, thereby improving the company's productivity. RIA delivers many interesting features such as videos, online games, word processors, mobile applications. The technology used in the development of RIAs is Macromedia Flash, XML(Ajax), Ajax with PHP, Ruby on Rails Frameworks.

Give Your End-Users a Natural Interface and Simplify Your Online Transactions!

We develop custom Rich Internet Application. We can help you to establish an advanced communication and through these elements build a trustworthy relationship with your target audience and new clients. Our custom developed RIA solutions are innovative, appealing and efficient- which helps you to simplify your financial transactions and other complicated processes such as registration, data analysis, online shopping etc... Our RIA developers can create applications according to your needs/requirements and deliver a product that will help you to provide a better experience to your target audience. Our company creates affordable RIA solutions for:

  • Database driven/Dynamic websites
  • Custom Rich Internet Applications
  • Custom HI-End solutions developed to meet your specific needs
  • AJAX/NON-AJAX RIA solutions
  • Sophisticated RIA solutions with low-cost deployment

We develop Rich Internet Applications and offer an improvement of capability of website performance. We provide the unique RIA solutions and give users a unique web experience.

Our skill set includes a full understanding and manipulation of:

  • Adobe Flex
  • Adobe Flash
  • AJAX
  • WebOrb
  • jQuery
  • Flash Media Server
  • Silver Light
  • WPF

The best features of RIA are that this software is responsive, quick and easy to use. RIA provides a unique experience for users without distraction, simplifies processes, offers better and quicker performance than any traditional web application.

Our developers have the knowledge and the skills to develop cutting-edge applications and empower you to simplify complex processes and give your end-users the ultimate experience. We can help you to generate revenue and maximize your profit through our RIA solutions and custom build applications.

Results & Benefits:

  • RIA is a powerful, user-friendly application with a fast responsive characteristic
  • RIA supports your business through consistent, focused, responsive features
  • RIA's interactivity provides a pleasant environment for the end-user
  • RIA's has the ability to inspire the end-user to make fast decisions
  • RIA simplifies complex business processes and performs faster than other conventional applications