Website Maintenance

Written by Binod Bhagat. Posted in web development

Reduces Your Costs, Improves Your Website Performances and Online Visibility!

The economic environment is compelling companies and business corporations to find a way to reduce costs and add value to advertising strategies. Building a website and using Internet marketing solutions have proven to be the best tools. The Internet offers more marketing benefits than any other mass media tools. However, in order to reduce your costs you can do even more. Instead of hiring a whole team of professional web developers you can use web maintenance systems. Professional website maintenance will enable you to achieve your business goals and yet allow you to reduce your costs and come up with a strong advertising strategy.

What is Website Maintenance?
Website maintenance is a service which allows you to control and keep your website content fresh. Website maintenance can help to increase web traffic drastically and draw more attention to your website. We offer a unique website maintenance system which will empower you to edit and update your website quickly. Additionally, we are providing a service which will help you control your existing website and/or build a completely new website and maintenance system.

We are offering several maintenance packages to cater to your requirements and needs.

Our basic website maintenance service includes:

- Updating Your Website On a Regular Basis
Your content is the most important part of your website. Now, with our maintenance service your content will be updated on a regular basis. Add, delete, edit special offers, new products, pricing and/or presentation of new services. There are endless possibilities.

- Site Maintenance
We use cutting-edge technology to monitor and maintain your website and make adjustments to enhance your website capabilities. We offer innovative solutions in the field of monitoring and maintenance which will improve your site performance.

- Reorganization Of Website Content
We analyze your website statistics thus providing necessary changes to improve your website traffic. Reorganization solutions can help with search engine rankings and increase your website visibility.
Website maintenance hourly package

- If your website doesn't demand regular and frequent updating then you should purchase an hourly website maintenance package
- $50 per an hour - 1 hour charge, charged in 15 minutes intervals after the starting hour

Website Maintenance Package

This package is perfect for you if you need a regular and frequent update solutions.This package includes several services:

  • Update and/or edit/add/change/creation of new HTML pages
  • Optimization, scanning and edit/add images to your website
  • Verification of all links
  • Our company's website maintenance suit does not include the change of the layout design, additional programming service (ASP, PHP, CF), flash animation, database

TUX offers different solutions for different businesses and we provide web maintenance packages for small and large businesses, corporations and companies.
We offer the following packages:

Package Hours
Small Business Maintenance Package

  • 3 Hour web site maintenance per month
  • $150/month

Large Business Maintenance Package

  • 5 hours web site Maintenance per month
  • $250/month

Corporation Maintenance Package

  • 10 hours web site maintenance per month
  • $500/month

Superior Corporation Maintenance Package

  • 20 hours web site maintenance per month
  • $1000/month

Carry Over Hours
We also provide an additional service of “Carry Over Hours” which allows you to transfer the remaining hours to next month.

We offer constant technical support, and regardless of technology used to build your existing website we can help to improve your website capabilities by upgrading existing applications, search engine optimization, fixing glitches and coding errors.