Link Building

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Link Building- Let Us Show You the Way To Build Your Popularity!

Link Building Marketing is one of the essential ways of promoting your website. Link Building Campaign means getting the number of quality links on other partner non-competitive websites which are pointing to your site. Defining a Link Building strategy is not as easy as it seems, and it might just backfire on you if you don't use it properly. The linking between sites demands a serious study, research and analysis. Link Building will bare long terms results and is a campaign that never really ends. Link Building is another strategy for improving your site's visibility and getting the higher search engine rankings.

What Do We Offer?
We are here to offer the best Link Building Campaign and analyze the market for you. We offer to define your target partners (other websites that you can cross-link with), analyze the web, help you create quality links, and set up a link building campaign. Remember the more links pointing to your site means more traffic on your platform.

- Cross Linking
Is a process of linking between two or more sites whether owned by the same company/individual or not.
- Website partners analysis
We perform the analysis of potential like-minded non-competitive sites that you can cross-link with.
- Identifying the keywords
We identify the keywords according to your business thereby creating an environment for improvement of your visibility.
- Link Baiting
We provide a unique approach and use link baiting technique to help your website catch people's attention through informational hooks, humors hooks and alike.
- Anchor Texts
This is a text that holds a significant value in search engine rankings.
- Link Building Reports
We provide the reports about your link building campaign which will help you to analyze and evaluate your progress. Our link building solutions and approach include:

  • In-depth analysis of non-competitive and potential link partners
  • Analysis and identification of the most relevant page which can provide a good link reference
  • Creation of the anchor text for your page
  • Analysis of the appropriate words surrounding the hyperlinked text and establishment of contextual relevance of the links
  • Advanced methodology for one way, reciprocal and three way links procurement
  • Utilization and creation of marketing strategies/methods in order to achieve link building goals (blog writing, forum submission, content syndication, press)
  • Link baiting strategy

This will result in:

  • Improvement in search engine rankings
  • Improvement of website's traffic
  • Adding value to your website content, improvement of link numbers

We tailor the Link Building campaign to meet your requirements and needs. We are specialized in creating a Link Building campaign which will draw more attention to your business, enhance website traffic, increase your sales and promote your services in the best way possible.


Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing- We Will Help You Get A Better Online Exposure!

Social Media Marketing gives you an opportunity to catch the attention of your potential clients and to generate leads. Social media marketing will help you to establish a better communication with your clients, and raise awareness about your brand. SMM includes several steps and techniques which could help you to position your brand and improve your credibility. Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will yield faster results and more traffic to your website. One of the advantages of social media marketing is that it's free! You can cut the costs of advertising just by creating a social media account. Social media networks draw a lot of traffic and just by promoting your business this way can improve your brand's exposure.

The Benefits of SMM: How to Utilize SMM?
SMM is a great tool if you aim to reach more people and promote your business quickly. SMM gives you a great opportunity to analyze the market, define your target audience and plan your marketing strategy. These are all important issues which will help you to launch your business and promote your services. Creating a positive brand reputation is of the essence and you will most certainly achieve that through building a strong online presence. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are powerful marketing platforms and they are free. Social media marketing will most certainly help you to boost up your revenue.

We offer the following SMM package:

  • Creating an interesting viral content
  • Building custom applications for social networks
  • Research and analysis of social media thus creating a social media marketing strategy
  • Creating podcasts
  • Article & Blogs marketing

We love what we do and we offer a premium service, simply because our team is following the trends in web development and web marketing. We are here to help you to maximize your profit through a wisely balanced marketing strategy.


Content Marketing

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Content Marketing- The Art of Online Marketing!

Content Marketing is a marketing skill of editing and distributing valuable content to draw target audience with the purpose of maximizing your profit. Content marketing is a skillful communication with your clients without compelling them to buy or use your services. This way you are enabling your customers to subscribe to your content and yet not offering to sell your services. The main goal of content marketing technique is to attract attention to your website and encourage better website traffic. Content of your website is very important because it provides valuable information about your services to clients and potential customers. Content will be more intriguing to users simply because the information you are providing has value, which will enable your business to stand out among the many.
The contents listed below are perfect for Content Marketing use:

  • podcasts
  • newsletters
  • videos
  • white papers
  • blogs
  • articles

Content Marketing is a subtle way of advertising your products which will most certainly generate leads, direct attention to your website, business and products. Content Marketing helps you build a long- term relationship with your clients/customers, based on trust and that way you are improving your credibility. We are here to help you with your Content Marketing campaign- we have a team of experts who will know just how to edit and distribute the content thus providing you the best marketing solution for your business.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

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PPC- A Wise Short-Term Marketing Strategy for Businesses!

Search engine are the most important tool in Internet marketing determines your marketing strategy. Depending on whether you are looking for long-term or a short-term marketing plan you should opt for your strategy. PPC- Pay Per Click advertising is a great marketing strategy to start your lead generation instantly. PPC manner of advertising is attractive to small businesses and sales companies, and it's easily measurable. By using Pay Per Click method of advertising you can obtain the results immediately, and get an instant reports about the connection between the keywords, ad copy, conversation and landing pages.

How Can You Employ PPC?
A success of PPC marketing strategy is based on the selection of the perfect keywords which target your clients. You pay per click, as the name says, so the choice of the keywords and targeting is extremely important. There are many PPC providers but you should always opt for big providers such as: Google AdWords, Yahoo, Microsoft AdCenter. PPC campaign will help you to generate leads, and draw additional attention and traffic to your site. This will no doubt, improve your sales and search engine rankings.

Our PPC Services...
- PPC Consultation
We offer PPC management consultation which will help you to understand the process, and help to determine your goals and objectives.
- Building a PPC Campaign
We are specialized in creating PPC strategies and campaigns for major search engines thereby providing the best solutions for your business.
- PPC Account Optimization
We will help you to optimize your account and include the keywords that are being targeted. The most important thing is to optimize your account regularly, because it will help you to reduce your costs.
- PPC Reports
We provide detailed reports about your PPC management.
- Creating Ads
We create Ads which will exploit your strengths and maximize your click-through-rate.

We offer the following PPC solutions:
- We create PPC campaigns for big search engines ( Google, Yahoo, MSN)

  • In-depth keyword research & analysis
  • Creating Ads for different geographical location (understanding of the culture, different values etc...)
  • Creating custom Ads for a specific demography
  • Optimization of the landing page and implementation of the targeted keywords
  • Creating Ads that will maximize your CTR- click through rate
  • We help to maximize your Quality score
  • Management of all the bids
  • Thorough PPC campaign that allows the client to focus on other responsibility
  • Frequent ROI analysis

PPC is a great marketing tool if your goal is to increase your web traffic, generate leads, and reach more clients. You can also track your PPC campaign easily, meaning you will be able to see how your campaign is developing. This enables you to make instant changes to your campaign if needed.


Search Engine Optimization

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SEO- Let Us Show You How To Dominate The Web Market!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is a simple process which improves the visibility of a website. It is a foundation for any web marketing strategy and web development process, simply because it draws more traffic to a certain website thereby helping the advertising and marketing of businesses, services and organizations. Search engines allow the users to import certain keywords, and once these keywords are submitted all websites containing them appear in the engines directory. SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes web content optimization, use of keywords, and page structure- this way search engine crawlers read websites and determine their search engine rankings.

How Can SEO Help Improve Your Online Positioning and Website Promotion?
SEO is the most popular and most beneficial way of promoting your website. It is cost effective, provides long term solutions and results, generate leads and it reaches a target audience. This means that you will attract clients who are already interested in your services or doing business with you, as well as the new potential clients. This leads to increased sales of your products and additional promotion of your services. That is why the organic SEO is the most important part of your Internet marketing strategy.

We Are Offering the Following SEO Package...
We are adept in providing the best SEO solutions to your specific requirements. We are specialized in web development within the guidelines of SEO. We are offering:

  • We will learn all about your business goals and provide appropriate SEO solutions
  • Analyze your website, and content
  • Research and analyze the keywords
  • Boost internal page linking
  • Create detailed reports on website performance
  • Understanding of your business goals/objectives with an intention to make a strong impact on your target audience
  • Understanding of the customer's psychology and construction of the content according to the marketing needs
  • In-depth analysis of the current search -engine rankings and position
  • Deep understanding of the social position of the website along with the analysis of the link status

Our SEO Solutions...
Our company offers to improve your search engine rankings through a smart keyword implementation and we offer an optimized content for search engine crawlers. We will implement solutions which will result in the better online positioning. These elements will inevitably lead to an improved offline-online exposure. Our company offers to:

  • Maintain the existing reference through preservation of the incoming link foundation
  • Improve the internal linking and that way ensure that all your important pages are ranked properly
  • Submit your site to credible search engines
  • We employ the principles of LSA- Latent Semantic Analysis
  • Build your social reference system step by step - this solution guarantees a good reputation and positive image
  • We provide training for your administrators and that way empower you to handle small SEO issues and updates

Our SEO solutions will result in:

  • Your websites gets recognition and makes a strong impression on the target audience and business partners
  • Our SEO solutions provide credibility and respectability for your website
  • Better website visibility- offline-online exposure
  • SEO is a long-term strategy that brings long term results - results will improve over time
  • Our SEO solutions provide a faster upload time
  • Well planned SEO strategy gives a better conversion for your store

We will help you to achieve the best search engine rankings, improve your website traffic thereby contributing to the overall improvement of your sales and expansion of your business.

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