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Q: How long before my website is finished?
A: The timescale of building a website depends on many factors.TUX is cooperating closely with clients while developing a website and much depends on the client. However, if you have a deadline fixed we will put in an extra effort to meet your deadline and finish the website in a planned timeline.
Q: When my website is finished- can I expect technical support?
A: We offer full technical support for a grace period of 3 months, so you can turn to us if any problem occurs. We also offer web maintenance service and that way keep your website up to date.
Q: Will my website be search engine friendly?
A: We develop search engine friendly websites and this is an integral part of our services.
Q: How big will be the costs for developing a professional website?
A: The costs depend on the content and the technical complexity. We develop custom websites and the cost depends on a client's requirements. Request a Quote and we will be able to offer our bid.
Q: How to update my website?
A: The update of your website depends on the amount of content and technical complexity. We will advise you which method will be suitable, once we agree on which type of website you would like to develop, be it small business, corporate, or for individual use.
Q: What technologies you use when developing a website?
A: We are proficient in PHP, Ajax, ASP, Java, HTML, Flash and much more.
Q: Can I keep track of my website visitors?
A: Yes, we provide a software which will keep you up to date with your website traffic. Also, we are providing market analysis and a report about search engine rankings.


Our Process

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                             TUX Web Design Networking & Software Solution

Phase One: Gathering information and analysis

After receiving a quote we will get in contact with you. We start to gather information about your business goals so we can understand your company. We also inquire about the purpose of the site, whether you would like to sell your products online, build an informational site and learn more about your target audience.

Phase Two: Planning of a web strategy

After gathering of information we go to the phase of planning of your web strategy. We put together a map of your site and suggest our solutions. However, this step involves a client's input.

Phase Three: First Design Draft

With information and site map in hand, we can start to design your website. We define the look and feel, style of your website. The most important element is a target audience, we follow these directions when we draft one or more prototypes. This way you can choose a prototype and suggest in which direction you would like to go.

Phase Four: Development of your website

This phase involves the coding and development of all other applications for the site depending on the type of site you have chosen (eCommerce, brochure site, informational site, HTML or Flash based site)

Phase Five: Delivery

This phase involves the delivery of finished product-website. This is the final touch and it also includes the testing of the website: Probing the functionality, optimization and code validation. Once you approve the final product then the website can be uploaded and launched.



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We Love To Design- We Have Helped Many Businesses!

We have dedicated our time to help the promotion of business through a creative, innovative and efficient web design and web marketing solutions. The list of our clients is vast, we have contributed by launching many small businesses, to creating reputable online reputations for several organizations, and have promoted of entrepreneurs. Here you will find a variety of our website design solutions from small business websites to corporate web solutions. We are not only aiming to sell our products but we want to share our vision. Our main goal is satisfy your requirements and to provide you with a unique web design solution.


Why Us?

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Know why you should choose Tux Web Design Networking & Software Solution!
- Money back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the first draft or it just does not meet your expectations, you should notify us and we will process you a full refund, less any design fees.
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Unlimited revisions till you are 100% Satisfied with the results
- 100% unique and custom web design
We are a leading web design company that will thrill you with advanced developing and design solutions. Our company provides unique and custom made websites for your business or personal needs. We are completely equipped to perfectly blend creativity, technological solutions with your unique business ideas!
- Modern, professional, creative and web 2.0 designs
TUX has a team of experts that is completely capable to satisfy you with fresh and innovative web design solutions. We will thrill you with creativity and provide you with modern/professional 2.0 designs. Allow us to implement your vision into the most inspiring web design!
- Back End CMS
CMS enables you to manage and control the content of your website - without much technical knowledge and advanced web design skills. Content Management System allows you to edit text, delete/add pictures and do a lot more, fast and easy.
- Project Delivery on time
We respect your time. TUX Guarantee project delivery on time!
- Dedicated Project Manager
- First draft Within 7 days only!
- True 24 X 7 customer support


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